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Degree Conferment

Washburn University confers degrees three times a year to students who have met all requirements as of the last day of final examinations for each semester/term: Fall semester, Spring semester, and the Summer term. The summer term is comprised of several sessions or short courses, but the degree will be conferred at the end of the term. All work not completed by the last day of finals for each semester/term will result in a graduation date of the following semester/term. If a previous “incomplete” has not been finalized, it may be an even later semester/term. If a student is concurrently enrolled at another institution and intends to use the work to complete graduation requirements at Washburn, an official transcript from the institution must be received within two weeks of Washburn’s last final examination date of the graduating semester/term in order to have the degree conferred in that same semester/term.

The University holds commencement ceremonies twice a year, at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters. Students who are scheduled to complete final requirements for a degree during the following Summer term may be permitted to participate in the Spring commencement. Such candidates must have submitted an Application for Graduation located on the Student Academics tab of MyWashburn. Additional information and ceremony details can be found at

Application for Graduation

Students planning to complete an Associate, Baccalaureate, Master degree, Doctorate or a Certificate must submit an online Application for Graduation located on the Student Academics tab of MyWashburn in order to initiate a graduation check. The graduation check will be completed early in the semester/term in which the student plans to graduate. The online application should be submitted in September for the Fall semester and in February for the Spring semester and Summer term (see the academic calendar for the exact dates). A student is not a candidate for degree until the student has submitted the online Application for Graduation. Students who do not graduate in the semester/term for which they have applied, must contact the University Registrar’s Office via to update their semester/term of graduation. Hard copy Application for Degree Forms will be available in the Student One Stop (SOS) or online by accessing for those students whose academic programs or registration status preclude them from participating in the online process (for example if they are not able to declare their degree/certificate).

Posthumous Degree

Upon the recommendation of the deceased student’s major department or school, and upon approval of the Dean of the College or School, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the President, and the Board of Regents, a degree may be awarded posthumously provided that the student:

  • was in good academic standing at the time of death, and,
  • unless exceptional circumstances exist, had achieved senior status, if the student was enrolled in a baccalaureate degree program; or
  • was within one semester of completion, if the student was enrolled in an associate degree program; or
  • was in the final year, if the student was enrolled in a graduate degree program.