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Course Numbering System

Generally, it is recommended students take lower level courses (courses numbered 100-299) when they are freshman and sophomores and complete upper level courses (courses numbered 300-499) when they are juniors and seniors. Students should work with their advisors to determine the appropriate sequencing of courses, including whether it may be necessary to begin taking upper-level courses beginning in the sophomore year to complete a degree program in four years. If a course is listed in the catalog as specifically requiring junior level standing in the prerequisite, students may register for the course during the semester in which they will achieve junior level rank, provided they have enrolled in sufficient lower division courses during that same semester to meet the requirements of junior rank. Exceptions to the classification requirement may be made by the course instructor, chair, or dean. Completion of forty-five hours of upper level courses (courses numbered 300-499) is required for any baccalaureate degree. Courses numbered 400-499 are also open to graduate students. Courses numbered 500-599 are considered graduate coursework but may not count toward the 30 hour minimum for a Masters degree.