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Awarding "Incomplete" Grades

The letter “I” indicates “incomplete work” which may be completed without repetition of the regular work of the course. The incomplete will not be used when a definite grade can be assigned for the course. It will not be given for the work of a student in any course except to indicate that some part of the work, for good reason, has not been completed, while the rest of the work has been satisfactorily completed. The student must have completed three-fourths of the course requirements. The “I” grade is used only when in the opinion of the instructor there is the expectation that the work will be completed.

The instructor provides the list of remaining requirements to the student and Department Chairperson. When the requirements are met and evaluated, the instructor submits the grade to the University Registrar’s Office in order to remove the “I.”

Unless an earlier deadline is stipulated by the instructor of the course, the incompletes in courses must be completed by the last day of classes and grades submitted to the University Registrar Office by the deadline of grade submission of the subsequent Spring semester for Fall incompletes or the subsequent Fall semester for Spring and Summer incompletes; otherwise a grade of “F” will be recorded.

The above procedure applies to undergraduate courses. The Incomplete grade policy for graduate courses and programs can be found in the graduate catalog. Students transferring to Washburn with “Incompletes” on their transcripts will have the courses designated with an “NC” instead of an “I.” Transfer students may have the designation changed by an officially revised transcript from the originating institution or by repeating those courses in accordance with the Washburn University repeat policy.