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University Diversity and Inclusion

Morgan Hall 105

The Office of University Diversity and Inclusion provides leadership and support to campus and the community to address issues, policies and potential barriers to creating a welcoming and respectful working and learning environment.

The Office of University Diversity and Inclusion also responds to accommodation requests for students with disabilities, manages Veteran’s programs and provides resources to the campus LGBTQ+ community. University Diversity and Inclusion staff collaborate with campus organizations and regional community organizations to develop, promote and host innovative training, programs that enhance the university climate, promote a culture of inclusion and demonstrate the universities commitment to excellence and diversity.

University Diversity and Inclusion-Student Accommodations, Campus Accessibility

University Diversity and Inclusion staff are responsible for assisting and arranging accommodations and for identifying resources on campus for students with disabilities. Students with disabilities must register with the office and provide appropriate medical documentation to be eligible for services. Documentation should include a statement identifying the disability, how and when it was diagnosed, and how it affects the student’s academic performance. Accommodations are provided to meet the needs of individuals, based on their specific disabilities, e.g. depression, physical or learning disability, and may include in-class note takers, test readers/scribes, adaptive technology training, brailled materials, or other necessary accommodations. Requests for accommodations should be submitted at least 60 days before services should begin; however, students should contact the office immediately when they become aware of the need for an accommodation need. Instructors may be involved in the process of determining appropriate accommodations. Instructors are encouraged to contact the office immediately when students voluntarily identify disabilities or make accommodation requests.

University Diversity and Inclusion -Veterans Education Benefit Programs

To apply for Veterans Administration (VA) educational benefit programs, the students should contact the Office of University Diversity and Inclusion, or call the VA at 1-888-442-4551

Student recipients of Veterans related educational assistance must certify their enrollment each semester through the Office of University Diversity and Inclusion to assure continuous benefits. Student receiving Veterans assistance must contact the Office of University Diversity and Inclusion any time they drop or add classes. Changes in enrollment, such as dropping courses, adding courses, or formally withdrawing from the University, must be submitted to the VA. VA regulations require veterans to pursue an educational objective, file a degree plan, regularly attend classes, and make satisfactory progress. Students should contact University Diversity and Inclusion staff for detailed information regarding veteran educational programs, benefits and requirements.

Military Deployment Withdrawal

Students who are called to active duty and must withdraw from classes as a result should contact the:
Office of University Diversity and Inclusion,
Morgan Hall 105.
Phone 785-670-1629.