two students walking outside a building on campus

Office of Student Life

Student Life enriches the educational experience of the Washburn community with an appropriate balance of challenge and support, through a commitment to learning, student development and advocacy. We value all students and strive to create environments which foster the sustained development of well-balanced, civic-minded individuals.

The following Student Life units cooperate to play integral roles in achieving this mission: Career Services; Residential Living; Student Health and Counseling Services; Student Life Office; Student Recreation and Wellness; and University Diversity and Inclusion.

Resolving Problems

Faculty and staff at Washburn University are committed to student success which includes everything from efficient business processes to excellent experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

Despite this campus-wide commitment, however, it is inevitable that misunderstandings or disputes may arise periodically. Such misunderstandings can typically be resolved quickly, directly and informally at Washburn. For more information please visit

The Washburn University of Code of Conduct is available at

Campus Resolution

If you want to visit with someone informally, privately and respectfully about a problem you are experiencing, you may contact the Student Life Office (785) 670-2100 or This office can provide advice about the options available to you and also can assist in finding an informal way of resolving your problem.

Depending on the nature of your concern, a specialized procedure may apply. Policies and procedures designed to assist you in obtaining resolution to the issue you are dealing with exist in many areas within Washburn University. The Student Life Office can direct you to the campus resources that are directly responsible for assisting students with the specific challenges you are experiencing.